Ever since I was a little girl, I wanted to be a writer.  And even to this day I find myself writing whenever I am alone. Just. Little. Stories.  Little nothing stories that I keep for myself.  Of course I would dream of someone one day discovering them and turning them into, I don’t know, the next Harry Potter or something.  But mostly I just kept them in random files across a number of laptops and more or less forgot they existed. Until one day the talented James Jeffery Caldwell asked if I had a story he could use for a storyboarding exercise for a film class at UCLA.  I sent him a screenplay I had written and forgotten about a few years ago. I imagined the characters waking up and rubbing the sleep out of their eyes as Jeff turned the pages.  We’ve woken them up now, changed their lives a bit and put them through one heck of a workout…  And it turns out this little story is going to be our first short film. It’s a dream come true.  It happened this week.

I’ll keep you posted on the progress of 2000 Vinyasas as we bring it from page to screen!