If you’re in my network, then I am sure you’ve seen my posts about the film 2000 Vinyasas that we are making this fall.  And many people are asking me what the film is about, and why we’re making this film.  Why this film? Why now? Why us?

I’m an actor and a woman and I get casting breakdowns from my manager every day for parts that might be right for a “brunette ages 20-30”. It is unbelievable how many castings I see depicting a prostitute, a rape victim, a victim of domestic violence.  I have never seen a breakdown for a female protagonist who is a survivor- not a victim– of sexual assault. A female who is a hero who is also a survivor, but not a female who is a hero because she is a survivor.

I think it’s time for female film makers to make films about women surviving difficult human situations that sometimes happen to women.  With a hit rate of 25%- that is 1 in 4 women in our country- sexual assault is something that everyone will deal with as a friend or loved one at some point in their life.  But I don’t believe on focusing on the problem.  I want to be a part of the solution. 2000 Vinyasas is a film that starts a conversation about a positive way to move forward as an individual, and as a community.