We are so excited to have more than 4,500 likes on our facebook page and almost 1,000 people reading about our new film on Yoganonamous.  This is so incredible, Thank you!



If you’re in my network, then I am sure you’ve seen my posts about the film 2000 Vinyasas that we are making this fall.  And many people are asking me what the film is about, and why we’re making this film.  Why this film? Why now? Why us?

I’m an actor and a woman and I get casting breakdowns from my manager every day for parts that might be right for a “brunette ages 20-30”. It is unbelievable how many castings I see depicting a prostitute, a rape victim, a victim of domestic violence.  I have never seen a breakdown for a female protagonist who is a survivor- not a victim– of sexual assault. A female who is a hero who is also a survivor, but not a female who is a hero because she is a survivor.

I think it’s time for female film makers to make films about women surviving difficult human situations that sometimes happen to women.  With a hit rate of 25%- that is 1 in 4 women in our country- sexual assault is something that everyone will deal with as a friend or loved one at some point in their life.  But I don’t believe on focusing on the problem.  I want to be a part of the solution. 2000 Vinyasas is a film that starts a conversation about a positive way to move forward as an individual, and as a community.


I’m so proud of writing this story about a young philosopher who saves the world from nuclear destruction.  The young philosopher also happens to be a kick A$$ female protagonist who knows exactly how to get what she wants. My kind of girl!

Here it is, on Kindle-



Ever since I was a little girl, I wanted to be a writer.  And even to this day I find myself writing whenever I am alone. Just. Little. Stories.  Little nothing stories that I keep for myself.  Of course I would dream of someone one day discovering them and turning them into, I don’t know, the next Harry Potter or something.  But mostly I just kept them in random files across a number of laptops and more or less forgot they existed. Until one day the talented James Jeffery Caldwell asked if I had a story he could use for a storyboarding exercise for a film class at UCLA.  I sent him a screenplay I had written and forgotten about a few years ago. I imagined the characters waking up and rubbing the sleep out of their eyes as Jeff turned the pages.  We’ve woken them up now, changed their lives a bit and put them through one heck of a workout…  And it turns out this little story is going to be our first short film. It’s a dream come true.  It happened this week.

I’ll keep you posted on the progress of 2000 Vinyasas as we bring it from page to screen!


This is my first time being cast in LA!  The cast is OUTSTANDING!  It’s like getting free acting classes while I’m at rehearsal! Take a look!

To see yourself in the TV guide for the first time… It feels awesome. On October 31 “Girl for Hire” will be on the ID network.  For this episode I partnered with Story House Productions to tell the story of Natalie McLennan, an actress- turned- call- girl with an epic reputation. I play Natalie; it was an honor to play such a smart, edgy character under the direction of Carsten Oblander! Here’s the link:



It’s here!  It’s here!  And by “here,” I mean here:  www.eyeofhorus-web.com.  The new website will tell you all about our web series The Eye of Horus.  In this series, I play a Sara.  Sara is your average agent of Minerva (which is kind of like the FBI… kind of…), except she can “see all the switches that control the world” and occasionally turns them off.  Boom.

So excited for our debut on October 18 in Osaka, Japan!  Many many congratulations to the visionary writer and director Aki and the outstanding cast and crew.  Looking forward to Season Two!

So one day on set and I was hooked up with another project (thanks to Producer Dan Pearson), and a car (thanks to fellow actor Peter O’Connor).  This little video is a scream. http://youtu.be/VEgYumZtf9s Keep an eye on Heider Turnarosa because he is on his way to big things.  Check it out!